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A very simple Go library for creating shapes on a 2D plane out of points, using only the Go stdlib. Supports some basic functions like:

  • storing points in a Plane structure
  • joining arbitrary points with lines (including diagonal)
  • filling shapes with points
  • flipping the whole plane or some points along the X or Y axis
  • fetching all points from a plane
  • fetching points from a plane based on the return value (boolean) of a given function (like a mathematical equation)
  • TODO: Applying an arbitrary transformation based on a function to the points on the plane

Use cases

Can be used for any number of things, but my primary use-case is generating images made of 2D shapes, such as the example image generated with examples/CreatePngImage.go:

example image

Usage examples

Some example code can be found in the examples directory in the root of this repository