Mirror of Matrix Dendrite source

Updated 6 hours ago

Mirror of Matrix Pinecone source

Updated 21 hours ago

Mirror of GoMatrixServerLib source

Updated 2 days ago

A Wraith communications module based on the Pinecone p2p overlay network.

Updated 3 months ago

[WIP] A free and open-source, modular Remote Administration Tool (RAT) / Payload Dropper written in Go(lang) with a flexible command and control (C2) system.

Updated 4 months ago

A Wraith debugging module which periodically prints out debugging information to stdout.

Updated 4 months ago

An extremely simple Drone CI (drone.io) configuration extension to allow fetching of build configs from various locations outside of the repository, depending on the repository being built.

Updated 1 year ago

A basic physics simulator made as part of revision for a physics course

Updated 1 year ago