[WIP] A free and open-source, modular Remote Administration Tool (RAT) / Payload Dropper written in Go(lang) with a flexible command and control (C2) system.
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This project is currently in development. Commits to this repository are more rare now as I am currently focusing on other work, but work will resume when I have time. If you are interested in sponsoring the project to speed up development, please get in touch (tr_slimey@protonmail.com).


A free and open-source, modular Remote Administration Tool (RAT) / Payload Dropper written in Golang with a PHP/HTML/JS/CSS Control panel.


This is the In-Development branch which has become the default branch as of 21/06/2020. Any code found here is most likely not tested, unstable and subject to change as the project develops. To use the stable version please see the releases tab or the master branch.


The master branch currently contains Wraith v3.0.0 which is permanently in BETA due to a complete Wraith re-write for version 4.0.0. While useable, v3.0.0 of Wraith is not recommended for use. Instead, waiting for the 4.0.0 release is preferable as massive changes will be introduced making Wraith faster, more secure, more useable and easier to manage. Wraith v4.0.0 has no estimated release date but any contributions will speed up development :)